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Beauty Bundles
No. 1 Essential Beauty
Shellac Manicure | Shellac Pedicure | Brow Tint & Shape
No. 2 Complete Chill
Facial Treatment: Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
No. 3 Top to Toe
Facial Treatment | Lash Infill | Shellac Pedicure
No. 4 Super Smoothie
Bikini wax | 1/2 leg wax | U/Arm & Lip and Chin *+ £10 Hollywood
No. 5 Total Beauty
LVL Lashlift | Brow Tint & Shape | Shellac Manicure
No. 6 That Face!
Lash infill | Brow Tint & Shape | Lip & Chin
No. 7 “This is me”
Facial Treatment | Shellac Manicure | Brow Tint & Shape | Lip & Chin wax
No. 8 And Relax!
Hopi Ear candles | Facial treatment | Back Body Massage

Skin Clinic
Essential Treatments
These treatments use Environ's revolutionary dual electro-sonic DF technology which is what makes it a facial "like no other".
Youth Reset Facial (90 mins)
A peptide and vitamin boosting facial to help soften the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and sagging skin.
Moisture Boost Facial (90 mins)
Hyaluronic Acid is the hero ingredient in this facial. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines caused by dehydration and increases the plumpness of the deeper layers of skin.
Radiance Reveal Facial (60 mins)
A targeted solution for sun damaged or pigmented skin. Boosting the skin with the correct combination of ingredients results in flawless radient-looking skin.
Comfort Calm Facial (60 mins)
Ideal for sensitive, irritated skin. A powerful combination of smart ingredients, leaving the skin feeling soothed with a healthy radiance.
Electro-Sonic Focus-on Treatments: 30 minutes - £45
Specially developed to target specific areas using Environ's revolutionary dual electro-sonic DF technology, ensuring that your primary skin care concerns are directly addressed. Perfect for when time is limited.
Focus-on Frown Treatment
An iconic peptide blend assists in reducing the appearance of expression and frown lines around the eye and forehead resulting in a more youthful appearance.
Focus-on Eye Treatment
Combining our powerful peptide complexes with hyaluronic acid, ensures a completely refreshed, hydrated and youthful appearance.
Focus-on Even Tone Treatment
The powerful combination of vitamin A, C and AHA is a unique approach to assist in lightening the appearance of pigmented marks resulting in a more even toned, brighter complexion.
Focus-on Texture Treatment
An intensive combination of the 3 Environ® technologies; dual electro-sonic, cool peel and micro perfusion improve the appearance of milk scarring revealing smoother, evenly textured skin.
Focus-on Body Profile
This powerful body sculpting treatment will help you say goodbye to the
Environ® Cool Peel Treatments: 45-60 minutes - £65
Environ's unique cool peel technology is a non-invasive, intelligent skin renewal system, to safely and effectively help refine, revive and brighten skin.
Youth Renew Cool Peel
The cool peel treatment assists with reducing the appearance of premature aging, fine lines, sun-damage and an uneven skin complexion. Discover the power of an intelligent skin peel that will leave the skin looking refreshed and visibly youthful.
Moisture Boost Cool Peel
Designed to gently buff off the skins surface and focus on revitalising dry, tired looking skin, revealing a healthy-looking glow. This gentle yet effective peel is suitable to do all year round with no visible peeling.
Deep Cleansing Cool Peel
Designed to gently buff off the skins surface and focus on purifying and controlling the appearance of congested skin. This gentle yet effective peel is suitable to do all year round with no visible peeling.
Bright Recovery Cool Peel
This gentle lactic acid cool peel assists with reducing the appearance of premature aging, fine lines and uneven skin toned skin complexion as a result of excessive sun exposure.
Blemish Control Cool Peel
This powerful cool peel therapy assists with the management of blemish prone, distressed skin, by purifying, cleansing and assisting to unclog pores and dissolve impurities. Our hero treatment for problematic skin conditions.

Shellac Manicure
Shellac Pedicure
Minx Nail Armour
+ £15
Swarovski Crystal Pedicure
Deluxe Pedicure and Leg treatment
Lashes & Brows
Eyelash Tint
Professional Eyelash Extensions
Eyebrow Tint & Shape
Professional Eyelash Extensions
Full Set
Infills: 30 mins
50 mins
LVL Lashlift (including eyelash tint)
Product patch test required 48 hours prior to treatment
Brow Perfect Eyebrow extensions
Lycon HotWax
From £35
From £30
Basic Bikini
Lip & Chin
Full Face (including brows)
Strip Wax System
Basic Bikini
Half Leg
Full Leg
3/4 leg wax
Full Body Spray Tan
Half Body Spray Tan
Pre Tan treatment (Including Full Body Scrub)
Choose from our list of massage techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Flow. We can tailor each treatment to your needs and use multiple techniques within one treatment.
Full Body
Back Body
Back, Neck and Shoulders
Full Body Hot Stone massage
Back Body Hot Stone massage
Indian Head Massage
Full Body Scrub and Massage
Hopi Ear Candling
Including massage and facial pressure points
Make Up
Professional Skincare Make up consultation and colour Match
Bridal Packages
Available from £150


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